Vision and Mission


Quality legal education for all with a human touch is the supreme vision of Vaikunta Baliga College of Law, which visualizes that the students who leave the portals of this institution are not only equipped with qualitative legal knowledge, but also endowed with all human virtues, so that they make a positive impact on society.

Inherent in the avowed goal is that the students leaving the corridors of this institution would become, with a versatile development of their personality, law abiding and responsible citizens, inspire the rest of the society to contribute their mite to the progress of the country. The graduates of this institution, who are in the process of shaping themselves into legal luminaries, must remain virtuous human beings.


This vision is relentlessly pursued by a band of highly qualified and dedicated academicians and legal practitioners imparting theoretical as well as practical legal knowledge to students not only from the length and breadth of the country but also from beyond the frontiers, based on the policy of ‘legal education to all’.

The activities of the college are designed to inculcate human values and patriotism in the students to make them realize that education is not only about extraction of knowledge from a heap of books but also the process of making good legal professionals and luminaries and remaining humane forever.