Report on Constitutional Day Celebration

22 Feb 2022


On 19th October 2020, Karnataka State Law University in association with Vaikunta Baliga College of Law, Udupi  organised  Constitution Day Celebration. As a part of the celebration, inauguration of cartoon, poster designing and short video competition organised in the college. Dr. D.Rangaswamy, Programme Officer of Constitution Day Celebration, Karnataka State Law University, welcomed guest and gathering. He introduced the guest to the gathering.  In his welcome speech, sir mentioned about the background of Constitution Day Celebration. He also congratulated the students who have registered for the competitions from various parts of the country.

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi inaugurated the program. In his inaugural speech, he narrated the necessity of conducting various competitions which arouse the interest of the students in learning more about the Constitution and its values. Through these competitions, they achieve creativity by applying their own ideas and artistic talents. He gave examples of many cartoons which had played a prominent role in arousing the creative thinking of the people. He referred child labour and bonded labour and certain circumstances where there is a possibility for the students to create short videos and poster designs and thereby acquire new skills.  He added that by involving themselves in these activities, they pay more attention and use a variety of artistic tools in order to express their ideas. He mentioned liberty, Equality, and Fraternity as the triple justice without which we cannot achieve constitutional goals. He congratulated the organisers for coming up with unique and novel ideas which help the students to understand the different dimensions of Constitution.

Prof. C. S Patil, Resource Person

As a part of the programme, a National Webinar on “Fundamentalness of Fundamental Duties” was organised. Prof.(Dr.) C.S.Patil, Dean and Director, Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi, was the resource person. Sir, started his speech by saying that we are fortunate to be born in this freedom country, which is gifted by our freedom fighters. He referred to the statement made by Kautilya” it is not worth staying in the country where there is no freedom”. The constitution is the document that balance governmental power and individual liberty.  The starting line of our Preamble we, the people of India, connect our nation to the world. He said that Constitution is our heritage and cited various scriptures like Arthashastra, Veda, Upanishads, which underlies the duties of the people towards the society. Fundamental Duties are incorporated in the Indian Constitution through the 42nd Constitutional Amendment in the year 1976 on the recommendations of the Swaran Singh Committee. Every right must be balanced with the duties. There is a duty cast on everyone to participate in the administration as a citizen of the country. Ultimately this participation in the administration shapes the destiny of the nation. He mentioned the development of fundamental duties in the United States. He concluded by saying that ethical values should have a place in the education system and there should be a role model to the students. There should be a deep sense of respect towards the fundamental duties and Constitutional principles. Prof.(Dr.)Nirmala Kumari, Principal of Vaikunta Baliga College of Law, delivered the Presidential address.  Madam also stressed the importance of the Constitution. She said that fundamental duties are taken from Indian mythology, culture, and scriptures. Smt. Preethi Harish Raj, Assistant Professor, VBCL took over the program. Smt. Jayamol PS, Assistant Professor, VBCL proposed the Vote of thanks.